Sustainability Initiatives

Smart Shipping Supply believes in the power of taking initiatives. We are proud to be continuously investing in sustainability projects to bring our customers the most environmentally friendly products possible!

100% Carbon Neutral

Challenge: Manufacturing and shipping our products to customers around the world results in carbon emissions.

Solution: Calculate our carbon footprint and purchase Gold Standard Carbon Offsets.

Result: We've offset over 90,000 lbs of CO2 and are proud to be a 100% carbon neutral company.

Planting Trees

Challenge: Every year, millions of trees are cut down to make boxes for the packaging industry.

Solution: Partner with Ecologi to plant a tree with every order we receive.

Result: To date, we've planted over 4,250 trees in Madagascar and Mozambique combined.

Product Optimization

Challenge: How can we reduce material usage without compromising quality?

Solution: Study consumer behavior to determine what features of a mailer are unnecessary. Remove the 2nd adhesive strip and reduce sealing flap by 1.5 inches per mailer.

Result: To date, we've saved over 23,000,000 in2 of material when compared to the leading competitor—enough to make an additional 81,000 mailers!

Promoting Recycling

Challenge: Consumers are often confused on how to recycle poly mailers.

Solution: Print easy to understand instructions and a QR code on every mailer we produce.

Result: Increasing understanding on how to recycle poly mailers. This change will be launched in early December with the launch of the SMART Mailer 2.0.

Reducing Box Waste

Challenge: Box waste became our #1 source of waste. Although we recycle everything internally, this wasn't enough.

Solution: Modify the arrangement of mailers inside case pack boxes and increase the quantity per box.

Result: We've reduced our box consumption by 40%, resulting in thousands of boxes saved per year.

Reducing Internal Packaging

Challenge: How can we challenge industry norms and remove excessive packaging from our own products?

Solution: Fold each set of mailers and create new larger SKUs that are prepackaged in a single bag.

Result: We've reduce our own plastic bag consumption by up to 63%, leading to thousands of bags saved per year.