Eco-Friendly Packing And Shipping Supplies

Eco-Friendly Packing And Shipping Supplies

Eco-Friendly Packing And Shipping Supplies

Why is it important to use sustainable and eco-friendly products? Well, for one thing, our landfills are getting full. Our oceans are filling with plastic. The situation is reaching a crisis point.


Eco-friendly is also good for business. Because people realize that there is a need to conserve resources, and help heal the planet, they are often willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly goods and services.


Here's some of what we offer for a sustainable future.




By selling recycled mailers made with low CO2 methodology, we’re helping you to ship all of your items in a greener way. These are sturdy, well-designed envelopes with a greater footprint than your traditional mailers, which makes them valuable for people who value the environment. Get a bunch of these to be all stocked up to ship lighter and greener for tomorrow. In fact, our mailers are, in some key ways, even greener than compostable mailers! We talk about this in our FAQ because it’s an important part of raising awareness on how to really pursue the greenest options for shipping.




We also have eco-friendly water sealing tape rolls made with natural types of fibers and other components. Along with using tape sparingly, you can cut down your CO2 footprint with these types of green products. Everybody who is shipping things on a regular basis knows how important it is to have your trusty roll of tape next to you. Now you can get a greener adhesive.




Like mailers, padding can be made with recycled materials. There are a hundred different ways to go here to use padding materials that are good for the environment and less likely to create increased waste cycles. We offer products made with recycled materials, but we also invest in a particular manufacturing strategy to decrease the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions involved. We think this is a particular part of the shipping process where it’s useful to get creative and really think about what you are using for “filler,” not just to keep products safe in shipping, but to help the environment as well.


Zero Waste Labels


We also have these printable zero waste labels on hand. It’s important to design items with precision to cut down on waste over the long term. Check out the web site for more and you’ll  see how we outfit our customers with options to help keep our planet in better health in the future.