How to Recycle Poly Mailers
Smart Shipping Supply is committed to creating 100% recycled and recyclable packaging for businesses worldwide. Help us take care of the planet by properly recycling your SMART mailers.

How It Works

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Step 1: Remove Labels

Carefully peel off or cut out any labels or stickers on your mailers.
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Step 2: Find a Recycling Location

Most grocery stores offer free recycling drop offs for thin film recyclables.
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Step 3: Drop Off For Recycling

Simply drop off your mailers during your next grocery store trip.
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Benefits of Recycling

Recycling prevents unnecessary waste from entering landfills, contributes to a circular economy, and saves energy. Just by recycling your mailers, you minimize the need to extract excess resources from the earth during product production.


Why can't I just place the mailers in my curbside recycling bin?
Where can I find a drop off location near me?
What happens if I can't remove the labels?