How to Recycle Poly Mailers

Smart Shipping Supply is committed to creating 100% recycled and recyclable packaging for businesses worldwide. Please do your part to ensure the proper recycling of our mailers. Together we can make the planet a more beautiful place!


Remove Labels

Paper labels are detrimental to the recycling process, so please remove them before recycling. If the labels are too hard to peel off, use scissors to cut them off.

Remove Paper Labels Before Recycling


Collect and Drop Off

Poly mailers can't be recycled in curbside recycling bins. Fortunately, most grocery stores act as collection points to collect such materials. Click here to find the closest location near you.

Drop Off Recycling Bin For Poly Mailers

Your mailers are now ready to be recycled. Thank you for doing your part to make our world a more beautiful place!


Why can't I just place the mailers in my curbside recycling bin?

Unless you live in one of the few municipalities that accept plastic bags at curbside, you should take them to a drop off bin for recycling. Improper disposal can jam up recycling equipment causing costly problems.

Plastic Bag Recycling Plant

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